Our Values


We value the inherent dignity, humanity, self-determination, and worth of all people. 


Many of the challenges we seek to address are a direct result of intersecting systems of oppression, in particular anti-Black racism. We are committed to honoring people’s unique histories, perspectives, and ways of being, and working towards a system in which all people are free. 


We work to identify the gaps and possibilities in the systems within which we operate and work with our partners to craft innovative solutions. We are not bound by what is—we adapt to changing circumstances and focus on what can be. 

Power Sharing

We strive to build the capacity of our team and the communities we work with by transferring our collective knowledge, credibility, and power. 


We are always learning and thus making mistakes. We are committed to reflecting on, owning, and learning from our collective experiences. 

Holistic Thinking

We are involved in all aspects of our field, from macro policy to the ground level, and believe that they are deeply connected. We are dedicated to establishing connections to ensure that systems are responsive to the needs of the communities with which we work.