Our Approach

Just as important as what we do is how we do it. Here's our approach to achieving our mission:

Build relationships - Relationships are the cornerstone of our work (and lives), and we value them above all else. We build trust and authentic connections with people at every level of our work, especially across lines of power and difference. 

Collaborate - We relish opportunities to collaborate with and learn from one another--both our team and those with whom we work. We aim to keep everyone in the loop and reach out when we’re not sure about something, knowing that in doing so we are building our collective knowledge and impact. 

Be accountable - Put simply, we do what we say we’re going to do. And when we occasionally fall short, we own that, take corrective action, and do better next time. For us, accountability runs up, down, and sideways.

Focus on the person - At the center of all systems are people, and we strive to never lose sight of that. Whether it’s going off the agenda when a colleague seems like they’re not okay, or making sure someone’s basic needs are met even when it’s a little outside of our scope, we adapt to the needs of the person at the center of it all and offer each other empathy and grace.

Engage in direct service - Every Jaydot team member spends valuable time on the ground. We work hard to witness and understand the realities that our clientsand staffface every day so we can most effectively address them.