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Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Case Management

Jaydot is a Permanent Supportive Housing Provider with the DC Department of Human Services (DHS). Through its contract with DHS, Jaydot works with individuals and families in the District to find and maintain housing, achieve their goals, and improve the overall quality of their lives

Some of the PSH case management services Jaydot provides include:

PSH and Affordable Housing Development 

Jaydot is the lead consultant on the following developments, helping clients navigate District government processes and address the unique needs of residents who have experienced homelessness, from pre-development to lease-up. 

Current Projects

Lead Project Consultant for multiple developments totaling over 1,000 units with Housing Up, a DC based non-profit. Projects include pre-development work on four different affordable PSH projects in partnership with several for-profit development companies including Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners, Urban Atlantic, Somerset Development, and the Jonathan Rose Companies.

Housing Development Consultant for the Lisner Louise Dickson Hurt Home on the development of a new senior affordable housing project in Ward 3 expected to open in early 2025.

Housing Development Consultant for Seabury Resources for Aging, a DC based non-profit, currently working on the operational issues and planned refinancing of two existing affordable housing projects for seniors.

Project Management Consultant for Recovery Cafe DC, a DC non-profit, which is a partner in the development of a 42-unit affordable housing project in Ward 8 which will include commercial space for Recovery Cafe programs. 

Completed Projects

Diane's House is a 42-unit affordable new construction project with 39 Permanent Supportive Housing units located in Northeast DC that opened in September 2020. Jaydot worked during the operations phase through 100% lease up in Fall 2021. Client was Flaherty & Collins, an Indiana based for-profit developer.

HELP Walter Reed Veteran Apartments is a 77-unit affordable rehabilitation project with 75 PSH units for Veterans located in Northwest DC that opened in December 2019. Client is HELP USA, a New York City based non-profit.

The John and Jill Ker Conway Residence is 124-unit affordable new construction project located in Northeast DC that was completed in December 2016. Seventy-seven units are PSH, 60 of which are for Veterans, and 47 units are for individuals making 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI) or below. Client is Community Solutions, an NYC based non-profit. 

The John and Jill Ker Conway Residence

Copyright Robert Benson Photography

Copyright Robert Benson Photography

PSH Lease-Up Coordination

Jaydot works with developers, nonprofits, property managers, and District agencies to help residents exiting homelessness move into their new homes as quickly as possible. Jaydot has helped lease-up over 230 units of Permanent Supportive Housing to date. 

Some of the lease-up services Jaydot provides include:

Resident Engagement & Service Coordination

Jaydot provides resident engagement services at the John and Jill Ker Conway Residence, HELP Walter Reed Veteran Apartments, and Rise at Temple Courts. Our team works alongside residents to implement regular social programming with the goal of helping residents improve their overall well-being and bring their vision of community engagement to life. We also forge partnerships with local churches, schools, and other organizations to ensure residents are integrated within the larger neighborhood and vice-versa. Jaydot currently provides resident engagement services to over 420 District residents. 

In each building, Jaydot staff work alongside property management and social service provider staff to implement cross-organizational solutions to common PSH administrative and operational challenges. 

Other Projects

Coordinating Consultant and Founding Member of the DC Reentry Housing Alliance, a collective impact effort to identify solutions and structural changes that result in a net increase of at least 500 new units of housing and supportive services for DC returning citizens by 2025. The project has received fudning from multiple local philanthropic partners. 

Project Management and Housing Navigation Program Services for Calvary Women's Services, a DC based non-profit. Projects have included working with 20 survivors of domestic violence who received emergency housing vouchers to help them successfully locate and move into permanent housing of their choosing as efficiently as possible and assisting on the development and start-up of a transitional housing program. 

Campaign Coordinator for the Montgomery County, Maryland Inside (Not Outside) and Zero:2016 campaigns from 2015-2019. Through Zero:2016, Montgomery County was the second jurisdiction in the nation to effectively end Veteran homelessness, and through the Inside (Not Outside) campaign the County was one of the first five jurisdictions in the nation to have permanent housing options for all chronically homeless individuals. Client was the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, a Maryland based non-profit.